Price list for book covers, illustrations, posters and Your Own fantasy portrait

I usually use two different rates for the covers, depending on the kind of publisher you are.
The prices below are only indications. please tell me first what your usual rates are.

For a regualar commercial publisher my rates are:
An original  book cover  500,- (front cover) to 1000,-(wraparound)
You can also use the cover as a poster or for promotion.
Small, vignet     35,-
Black and white, full page    90,-
Color, full page                    130,-
Duoble page color                260,-
A poster has the same price as a book cover.

For the small press (no more than 300 copies) it is 150,- for a cover that is already finished and 200,- if it is a wraparound cover like Age of Steam and Iron.
For a new completely new cover to your specifications it is  350,-
For 70,- more I can do your lettering, title, name of author,  elevator pitch on the back.

What do you get?
 First world English language rights for both e-book and print.
 You may use the picture on your website, on promotional material, even on posters promoting your book, but not to sell the picture apart as a poster.
 I'll send you two different high-resolution versions of the picture, one for use on the e-book and internet, and one in CYMK color that is much lighter for printing. A picture always gets a lot darker when it is printed and I have to compensate for that. On a screen such a picture looks a bit washed-out.
 I would like to be mentioned as the artist in the colophon of the book, including my deviantart website and mail. I would also like to receive a copy of the printed book and the e-book.
 I'll make links on my websites and social media when your book appears.

 Does this help you? Perhaps it would be useful if you indicate what your own budget is.
Most of the time I am able to work something out with a new publisher.
All prices exclusive BTW or VAT

These prices are only indications. They can vary depending on the amount of work or the intended use.


I can make your portrait in a fantasy, science fiction or horror setting. You can get the picture in full colour or as a digital etching.
For 200,- you get a high resolution picture, suitable for printing up to poster size. You will get all the rights on the picture. You can use it as an icon, for the author's picture on the back cover of your first novel or to announce a performance.
I only reserve right to put it on my Deviantart site to show to other potential customers. You can contact me on taisteng(at) and pay by paypal.