Price list for book covers, illustrations, posters
and Your Own Fantasy Portrait

An original  book cover costs from € 500,- (front cover) to € 1000,-(wraparound).
A cover that has already been used cost between € 100,- and  €300,-
Small picture, vignette     € 50,-
Black and white, full page     € 100,-
Color, full page                    € 200,-
Double page spread 1.5 X single page
Poster € 500,- (original), existing picture € 100 - € 300
All prices exclusive BTW or VAT

These prices are only indications. They can vary depending on the amount of work or the intended use.

  I understand that small presses often work with a smaller budget than regular publishers.


I can make your portrait in a fantasy, science fiction or horror setting.
You can get the picture in full color or as a digital etching.
For €200,- you get a high resolution picture, suitable for printing up to poster size.
You will get all the rights on the picture. You can use it as an icon,
for the author's picture on the back cover of your first novel
or to announce a performance.
I only reserve the  right to put it on my Deviantart site to show to other potential customers.
You can contact me on taisteng(at) and  (outside of the Netherlands) pay me by Paypal.